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    • JANUARY 29, 2016
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    Well, after 3 years and 3 different types of anti-anxiety / anti depression medication (Lexapro / Effexor / Mirtazapine) I am on my first week of being medication free. Initially, when I began to consider this process, I contacted my GP who asked me who I preferred to help with the tapering of the medication.

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    • DECEMBER 22, 2015
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    Recovery continued…

    Over the next few months I attempted to put in place a structure to my daily life based on what I had learned about myself in the preceding few months. My life became a routine of getting out of bed at a reasonable time, going to the gym, eating healthy food regularly, playing my guitar, meditation, one

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    • FEBRUARY 4, 2015
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    New Website!

    Hey everyone, glad to have my website up and running! Special thanks to my website designer Mr. Sean Mc Elwain. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Have had a busy few weeks since the new year here at Metta Physio and Sports Services. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jonathan Bloomfield, Sports Scientist and Strength and

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    • FEBRUARY 22, 2016
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    Continuing the fight…

    Firstly, I would like to thank those who have taken the time to write to me on Facebook or via text message to offer their support to me during the past few weeks. Kind words of support or an acknowledgement of your struggle really does help when faced with tough anxiety filled days. A special

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