New Website!

Hey everyone, glad to have my website up and running! Special thanks to my website designer Mr. Sean Mc Elwain. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Have had a busy few weeks since the new year here at Metta Physio and Sports Services. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr Jonathan Bloomfield, Sports Scientist and Strength and Conditioner, Mr Richard Shanahan, Sports Psychologist, Dr Sharon Madigan, Clinical and Sports Dietician and Mr Colin Griffin, Olympian and Altitude Centre Director. These professionals have been running clinics based at the DBSM Centre for persons from all backgrounds and ages, which has been an awesome learning experience for myself.

Professionally, I have had a pre-physiotherapy student here doing observational work with me for the past 2 weeks which is always a pleasure. Nothing better than asking and being asked questions about the job I do. Really keeps me on my toes! Work wise, its been quite busy as GAA players are preparing to get themselves in gear for the coming season. Most teams have begun some form of training be it strength and conditioning, basketball, flexibility programmes or just getting out for a collective jog. With that inevitably comes injury in one form or another, unless players have got the self awareness to know that they would benefit from a pre-season screening before kicking off. Prehab has become a big buzz word recently, and I can confirm that more and more players are coming in to see me to address body imbalances before even kicking a ball. This leads to less injuries and more time on the field. A bonus for both the player and the physio!

Thanks to everyone who has provided love and support to get the clinic up and running, especially my family and Margaret. Thanks to Mr. Declan Brennan for his continued support and guidance, looking forward to working closely with him in the future.



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